02 Nov

Spanish Children’s Shoes Now in the UK


Toesinfirst is excited to announce the launch of their new Spring/Summer 2016 collections. With offerings from Oca-Loca and Puppets we can provide you with bespoke exclusive designs tailored for your customers offering the very best in Spanish children’s shoes.

There’s something for everyone in Oca-Loca’s range, from everyday wear including shoes and sandals to special occasion footwear suitable for weddings, communion and parties.

Puppets-48Puppets offer classic Spanish kids shoes with a twist of up-to-date flair. Elegant and resplendent with jewels, bows and exquisite detailing. Their Summer range offers some beautiful gold embossed sift suede uppers along with the classic navy and creams.

For more information and a full catalogue, please complete our registration form or email us at info@toesinfirst.shoes.